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Drinkwater F1 Athena of Getta Savannah

Athena is a total love bug. She follows me and my family around the house and absolutely loves attention. She will cuddle with me on the couch or bed. She has a beautiful gold coat with big black inky spots and a nice long lean body. She loves playing with her tiger toy and running up and down the stairs.

Aspen F1 Xenna of Getta Savannah

Xenna is drop dead gorgeous. She also has a very sweet and loving personality. She loves to be held and wants all of your attention. She is a really BIG girl in size. She has a very long body and legs. Her coat is super golden with big black spots. She is known to drool and give you love bites.

Drinkwater F1 Dakara of Getta Savannah

Dakara is such a show stopper. She has big tall ears and such a magnificent coat. She loves to sunbath on my nook and watch wildlife. She also likes to take naps and hide in the big pillows on my bed. She loves playing with her birdie toy and enjoys being being petted.

Drinkwater F6 Messina of Getta Savannah

Messina is sweet as sugar. She enjoys playing with the wand toy and climbing her cat trees. I’m in love with her smudgy black nose and enchanting eyes. This sweet lady will steal your heart.

Salemspride F6 Rhea of Getta Savannah

Rhea is one of a kind. She’s always making me and my family laugh with her funny personality. She will play fetch with you for hours and goes crazy over any kind of stringy toy. She has a nice triangle head and tall ears.