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Getta Savannah

My name is Stephanie and I’m the owner of Getta Savannah. My love of the African Serval was what introduced me to the Savannah breed. I was captivated by the beauty and personalities of the Savannah cats. They are such magnificent creatures! I researched and studied the Savannah breed for many years before I decided to breed them. That being said, I strive to produce the best F1, F2, F6 and F7 Savannah kittens. My main goal is for all of my kittens to have the features and characteristics of the African Serval while being domesticated. Another important factor to me is the health of my queens, sires and kittens. All of my queens and sires have been genetic tested to ensure their health and the genetics they pass down to their offspring. I also provide a 1 year health guarantee for all of my kittens. My kittens come very socialized. They are raised inside of my home with my family. I have two children, one being an infant, and two German Shepards, so they are socialized with children and dogs. My family and I have dedicated our lives to our animals and we hope to share the love and joy they bring us, with you.

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