UPDATED: August, 2021

F6 Savannah Kittens

F6 Benji is sweet as pie. This handsome guy loves to play and follow us around the house.

What a hunk this guy is! F6 Scout has a nice warm colored coat with long legs and face, just like his mom. This boy is going to be a looker.

F6 Duke has big bold spots and and a nice gorgeous warm colored coat. He is such a love bug.

F6 Tito is cute as a button. He has beautiful spots and marking. 

F6 Ace is such a stud muffin. This boy has long legs and sweet as can be .

F6 Bryce has a nice triangular face and is sweet as sugar. This gorgeous boy just melts my heart.

These sweet F6 kittens were born June 29, 2021. We have boys and girls. They all have beautiful coats with big ears and long legs

Dasha's had 4 stunning F6 kittens, 2 males and 2 females. We are so excited to have these babies.

Past F6 Kittens

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