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F2 Savannah Kittens

!!!WOWZERS!!! Just look at that adorable face! She looks like she’s smiling. F2 Giselle has drop dead gorgeous spots and coat just like her mom.

Princess F2 Daphne is Maddox’s baby sister! She has a nice black smudgy nose and a sweet sugary personality. The baby girl will definitely complete your family

EXCITING NEWS! Who remembers my BIG 36 POUND GENTLE GIANT F2 Maddox?! I have his brother and sister!! I’ve waited over 2 years for his mom to give me another boy!! Meet F2 Major!!

Who’s big teddy bear baby is this guy going to be for?! F2 Teddy is the full package! He is sweet as sugar. He already has a big long body and legs! He is definitely going to take after his big brother that I posted below!!

F2 Safara is a show stopper!! This flashy girl has it all! She can make any heart melt. She has big tall ears and a long body, not to mention eyes that will make you fall in love.