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F2 Savannah Kittens

Veronica is the full package! This girl has a serval like coat - golden with bold spots. she has a long lanky body with long legs. She is a complete showstopper!  

We are so excited that momma Athena blessed us F2 kittens. We have two magnificent girls available for adoption.

Past F2 Kittens

F2 Moose is 25 pounds at only 1 years old. Did you know savannah cats grow until they are 3 years of age? I had so much fun putting this picture collage together.


Getta Savannah

F2 Ollie and F2 Diego are total hunks!  These twin brothers found a wonderful family to home them together. Ollie is around 30 pounds at less than a year old and Diego is following right behind. 

Getta Savannah
Getta Savannah
Getta Savannah

F2 Maddox is 36 pounds at only 11 months old. What a huge handsome guy he is. Did you know savannah cats grow until they are 3 years old.

Getta Savannah
Getta Savannah

F2 Loki loves playing outside and talking.

F2 TJ loves playing in the cat tree with his toy.

F2 Moose's new family sent me this cute video of him. He is such a sweet loving boy.

I love these beautiful F2 kittens. They are so adorable. 

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