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We Have F2 and F7 Savannah
Kittens Available for the Holidays!!


Stephanie: 239-645-6165

Transportation is available

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Available F2 Savannah Kittens

Veronica is the full package! This girl has a serval like coat - golden with bold spots. she has a long lanky body with long legs. She is a complete showstopper!  

We are so excited that momma Athena blessed us F2 kittens. We have two magnificent girls available for adoption.

Available F7 Savannah Kittens

If your looking for a super sweet boy that is a total purr machine then Triton is your guy! He is super comfortable in his harness and leash. He makes the perfect companion. 

Crew is such a stud muffin. He loves to play with his toy mouse and chase the feathers on his wand toy.

Riker is sweet as sugar. He will follow you around the house and loves to play. He has huge ears and a long body.

Nash loves to play and explore. He has a gorgeous coat and would make a wonderful companion.  

Zayne is such a lovey boy. He will not only melt your heart, but will make you fall in love with him completely. 

Oaklynn is a complete purr machine. She loves to cuddle and held. She has a stunning unique coat.

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Please feel free to call, text or email to learn more about my beautiful savannah kittens. I'd love to hear from you.

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